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Living Proof Humans Can Be Cruel

Yucky FeelingI threw up on Diana.  Been happening more often lately. I am sad.

Sad because loosing your breakfast is a big deal for me. I’m convinced I’m chronically underfed. In fact, I’m scrawny – just fur and bones.  I believe I should be significantly larger than I am.  No, I don’t have any facts to back up that opinion.  It’s an opinion, not a statement of factual perfection, so I don’t need facts or evidence.

OK, so, enough exaggerating.  Here is the real deal:

I am the victim of 2 devocalization surgeries.

Yes, I did say two.

Devocalization is a cruel and barbaric surgical procedure to silence my bark by severing, stripping, notching, or removing tissue is from my vocal cords to permanently reduce the volume of my barking.

I will always have problems.  The most obvious is I sound like I’ve been drinking whisky that’s been steeped in a jar of pennies.

Don’t believe me?  Here is a video of me barking. Take a listen.  The volume was turned up all the way during recording.  That’s all I got.


Not so obvious, unless you live with me, is I cough and have breathing difficulties. I often regurgitate my food and water – all over everything – think projectile…

I am at constant risk for:

  • Choking while barking or eating
  • Developing pneumonia because I might aspirate my food and water
  • Heat stroke because my throat might swell shut from irritation or scar tissue build up.

I could die sooner than I should because my first people didn’t want to hear me barking inside the cage they forced me to live in 24/7.

Please spread the news that debarking – devocalization – ventriculocordectomy is wrong, dangerous and should be illegal.


^ . . ^


Jan 22, 2015 | Post by: Miss PishPosh 2 Comments

Gambling With Your Life – How I Learned Not to Bark at Absolutely Everything

What do you bark at?  On a daily basis, I’ve been known to bark at all of the following: The Front Door; People I know, People I don’t know; and All Foreign Objects such as: T.V. vacuum broom cows wind shadows zombies cats myself in the mirror. What can I say?  I’m a risk taker.  […]

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Merry Christmas – 2014

I rest in my soft, safe bed under the Christmas Tree & dream only of what is to come and care not for my past. I dream the same Christmas dream for you. Love & Cheese, Sasha

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No Matter How You Feel

Every Day – Make Yourself: Get Up Dress Up   Show Up   Never Give Up Before you know it you will make the most of every day. You can thank me later – with cheese – preferably.

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I am the Voice

I am the voice From the cold – out of doors existence I am the voice On the end of a long forgotten – embedded leash I am the voice Of all that you know – is wrong I am the voice By the side of the road – abandoned I am the voice Behind […]

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Manifesto Post – When You Eat

      https://www.holstee.com/pages/manifesto I am not affiliated with Holstee.com.  I do not get anything (no cheese or nuthin!) from them by using their stuff.  They want me to do my sit/stay right when I use their words and link back to them, so I do.

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Dec 11, 2014 | Post by: Miss PishPosh 1 Comments

Mongrels of the World – Unite

I went to the beach a while back with my fur cousins, Hank and Piper. You can see we had a great time. Hank and Piper are pure breeds with AKC registration papers to prove it. Hank Bacon Hank gets tons of attention from Boston Terrier lovers and Pit Bull fans.  He is so happy […]

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Photo Project Idea – Holstee Manifesto

I found this on the internet the other day.  I’m going to customize each idea to fit my life – with pictures and post it here in the coming weeks. They were barking a lot about using their stuff the “Good Dog” way. Ok, Ok, fine.  I guess it’s important for everyone if I practice my “Sit […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Thanks Giving Message

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Not A Morning Pup

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