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All Rescue Groups Are Not Created Equal

Oct 01, 2013 | Post by: Miss PishPosh 1 Comments

Diana asked me if I was ok with adopting a new pal.  If I was ok with sharing my home and generously accepting a pal that has lived the unfortunate life I had previously lived. If I was willing to share my chair.

I said, “Yep.  Sure.  Sounds fine.” I was all cool like – even though I had my doubts.  I told her to go ahead and search for a new bro-fur, but we (potential adoptee pal and I) get to have input on and decide the really important things:

  1. We get to meet each other on neutral territory first, then at my house;
  2. We get to decide if we can live with each other;
  3. We get to decide who gets the lap and who gets the floor/bed;
  4. We get to decide who walks on the left side of Diana on our evening walk and who gets to walk on the right side;
  5. We get to decide who gets fed by the dishwasher and who gets fed by the refrigerator;
  6. I get to decide if I will abide by these rules or not;
  7. He gets to decide if he can accept that I am a Diva and will change my mood at random intervals.

It’s only fair and it’s only right. Diana considered my requirements and said, “Ok.” So we started our journey to find a new pal to join our wacky household.

First we met Bently.  I liked him a lot but did not like that he wanted to bite Dad.  Not cool.

Then we met Action.  He was so funny.  He let me bark at him and just wagged his tail. He was honest and said that because he was a puppy he could not guarantee the dining room table legs would remain unchewed. Oh…uhm…well…

Along our journey we learned the heartbreaking and frustrating lesson that not all rescue groups are created equal.

  • Some groups call you back when you call inquiring about a potential pal’s availability;
  • Some groups respond to emails expressing our interest in being considered to adopt;
  • Some groups operate in a manner consistent with their non-profit charters and status;
  • Some groups realize the way to make room for new at-risk pals is to adopt out current adoptee pals;
  • Some groups socialize and consider the best interests of the adoptee dogs in their care;
  • Some groups ensure they have the means and capacity to give quality care to adoptee pals; and
  • Some groups don’t.

As frustrating as it is to reach out and be ignored, to encounter groups that can’t even meet basic manners or standards of care, I told Diana that there are truths that cannot be denied. We must keep in mind that:

Every adoptee is a life worth saving;

Every adoptee deserves a worthy, loving, & safe home of their own;

Every adoptee is blameless for the actions of their rescue group;

Every adoptee resides within our hearts and shall never be forgotten.

^ . . ^


One Comment to All Rescue Groups Are Not Created Equal

  1. ginj
    October 1, 2013 5:04 pm

    Great post, Posh. Yeah, it’s not always easy finding just the right brofur. Mom and I looked for six months before we found Taz. I almost had another brofur before him, but as Mom was filling out the foster paperwork she suddenly had a real bad feeling. She said she didn’t feel that way with Taz and we adopted him the same day him and I met. 🙂

    I know you and Diana will find just the play pal for you. xx

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