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Living Proof Humans Can Be Cruel

Feb 18, 2015 | Post by: Miss PishPosh No Comments

Yucky FeelingI threw up on Diana.  Been happening more often lately. I am sad.

Sad because loosing your breakfast is a big deal for me. I’m convinced I’m chronically underfed. In fact, I’m scrawny – just fur and bones.  I believe I should be significantly larger than I am.  No, I don’t have any facts to back up that opinion.  It’s an opinion, not a statement of factual perfection, so I don’t need facts or evidence.

OK, so, enough exaggerating.  Here is the real deal:

I am the victim of 2 devocalization surgeries.

Yes, I did say two.

Devocalization is a cruel and barbaric surgical procedure to silence my bark by severing, stripping, notching, or removing tissue is from my vocal cords to permanently reduce the volume of my barking.

I will always have problems.  The most obvious is I sound like I’ve been drinking whisky that’s been steeped in a jar of pennies.

Don’t believe me?  Here is a video of me barking. Take a listen.  The volume was turned up all the way during recording.  That’s all I got.


Not so obvious, unless you live with me, is I cough and have breathing difficulties. I often regurgitate my food and water – all over everything – think projectile…

I am at constant risk for:

  • Choking while barking or eating
  • Developing pneumonia because I might aspirate my food and water
  • Heat stroke because my throat might swell shut from irritation or scar tissue build up.

I could die sooner than I should because my first people didn’t want to hear me barking inside the cage they forced me to live in 24/7.

Please spread the news that debarking – devocalization – ventriculocordectomy is wrong, dangerous and should be illegal.


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