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I am a dog. My shelter name is Sasha. My special, just-my-pack-can-call-me-it-name is PishPosh. I like it. Yo, stop laughing. Don’t make fun. I don’t make fun (much) when your pack calls you Snookums, Pookie or Babe. I am a 12 pound Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix. I prefer to think of myself as a Minscherhuahua. But, really, that’s just a label. Get with it, nobody is into labels anymore.

I am simply, joyfully ME.
(Directing human members of my pack to shoot glittery streamers from the highest rooftops and trumpet my stylish entrance now. Nice, really, really nice.)

My fur is stag red and my nose is light brown, not black. I have big ears, a long muzzle, skinny legs, huge eyes and a sweet smile. All my bits and pieces fit together really well.

I have been rescued.

“From what”, you ask? From the bad choices some humans make. My current human pack rescued me in February 2010. My original human pack ended up being not very good to me or for me. I lived in a cat-sized travel crate almost 24/7 and was debarked – twice. Yes, that is as bad as it sounds (or doesn’t sound). Why did it never occur to them that I barked because I was in the crate?

Sooo, anyhoooo hooooo…(I don’t say that very often. I just thought it sounded like me when I’m howling)

Original human pack decided to increase the size of their pack with non-fur babies and dropped me off at a shelter. I freaked, and freaked, and freaked some more, until I almost gave up hope of ever living the life I was born to live.

One day an incredibly amazing, awesome woman from Northwest International Pet Rescue snagged me from the shelter and moved me into foster care with Mel and her pack members. I made friends with a gruff, but understanding cattle dog. He knew the ropes – had seen it all himself – and suggested that I shape up and go with the flow ‘cause I was one of the lucky ones. Things would work out just fine now.

Eventually, my good looks and sparkling personality found their way back to me again and I landed a new gig with my current human pack, Diana and Michael. I have many new BHFs (Best Humans Friends) but the BESTEST OF ALL MY BHFs EVER is Kristina. (I imagine her name looking all curly special because I love, love, love her. Everything she says is perfect, everything she does is great, everywhere we go is fun. Yeah, yeah, I know. You get the picture.)

I can’t hide the fact that I think Angels sing Diana & Michael’s praises for realizing my charms and doing the right thing by adding me to their pack. I know they had tried to adopt another dog a while back and were terribly upset when things didn’t work out. Apparently, she was a real bitch…(Whaaaa, haaaaa haaaa. Dog humor! Don’t cha just love it?)

I don’t have a very big outside voice. I will never be able to scare the biggest dog in the neighborhood – a Rotti named Chompers – into submission. But that doesn’t stop me from trying because I have a lot to say. A LOT. I also have a lot of living to catch up on and things to learn.

I’m going to let you in on a big secret. Don’t tell. Ready? Ok.

Diana and Michael don’t know exactly how much I know. About anything. Sheesh, I’m not stupid just because I ended up in a shelter. I figure it’s their job to learn this stuff and I don’t give anything away for free – except wags and kisses. Getting them to learn new tricks is crazy fun. They’re the ones with the big brains, right? Right.

We are excited to share our adventures with you. Come along. Learn with us, run with us, laugh with us, cry with us and…(Ok, everybody – say it out loud with me)

Make The World A Happier Place – One Bark At A Time!
^ . . ^

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